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James H. McDermott D.D.S. Springfield IL

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Meet Our Dentist

James H. McDermott

Dentist, D.D.S

With over 30 years of experience, Dr. James H. McDermott is a third-generation dentist in his family-operated dental practice. He earned his Bachelor of Science from the University of Notre Dame in South Bend Indiana. Most of the staff has been with him for 20-30 years which accounts for the fun, relaxed atmosphere at his office.

James H. McDermott graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Dentistry and Doctor of Dental Surgery at the University of Illinois, Chicago. He is a past president of the G.V. Black Dental Society and a past chairman of the Society’s Peer Review Board. He has led over a dozen medical mission trips to Jeremie, Haiti.

Twenty-five years ago, he began G.V. Black’s “Doctors with a Heart” program that serves the working poor of Sangamon County. With administrative assistance from Catholic Charities, that program continues today. He takes an active part in his church, Mission Outreach, and several other community organizations. He is also a member of the American Dental Association (ADA) and the Illinois State Dental Society (ISDS).

Patients choose us because Dr. McDermott is a practical person who believes in “real-life” solutions based on your needs and desires. He is great with kids and first-time visitors. He has a friendly, professional, and knowledgeable staff.

We also take pride in serving our local community and charities by offering dental work to those in need.

Sonya Hill Office Manager

Sonya Hill

Office Manager

Sonya has been working with Dr. McDermott since 1991. She is currently the office manager and helps with everything from treatment plans to insurance assistance.

mary upchurch assistant office manager

Mary Upchurch

Assistant Office Manager

Mary has been working with Dr. McDermott since 2002. She oversees various front office duties including billing, insurance, and customer service

cindy sloan dental hygienist

Cindy Sloan

Dental Hygienist

Cindy has over a decade of experience in dentistry after graduating from dental hygiene school at the age of 20. She loves her patients and teaching them about dental hygiene.

Jeannie Cox Dental Hygienist

Jeannie Cox

Dental Hygienist

Jeannie has worked with Dr. McDermott for over 30 years with a total experience of 40 years in dentistry. She loves working with her team and getting to know her patients.

Rachel Schallenberg dental hygienist

Rachel Schallenberg

Dental Hygienist

Rachel has been working with Dr. McDermott since 2005 as a registered dental hygienist that enjoys working with her team and patients.

Susan Portz Dental Hygienist

Susan Portz

Dental Hygienist

Susan has been working with Dr. McDermott since 2015 as a dental hygienist. She has over 30 years in dentistry and enjoys helping patients achieve beautiful smiles.

jess haacke dental assistant

Jess Haacke

Dental Assistant

Jess has been working with Dr. McDermott since 2004 as a dental assistant. She loves working with her team and educating her patients on dental health.

amy dhabalt dental assistant

Amy Dhabalt

Dental Assistant

Amy is a recent graduate from Bradley University and has been working with Dr. McDermott since 2019 as a dental assistant.

jessie hammond dental assistant

Jessie Hammond

Dental Assistant

Jessie has been working with Dr. McDermott since 2011 as a dental assistant who is passionate about caring for her patients.

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